Sunday, March 13, 2011

Changing The Way We Learn

The way we communicate has drastically changed over the last years. Instead of calling, we text. Instead of writing a letter, we email. This change in technology has also changed the way we learn. Instead of sitting at a desk, obtaining information, and regurgitating it when necessary, we use networking, collaboration, and technology to help us gain knowledge. So why haven't desks been changed? Steelcase has answered this question by creating a new classroom chair called Node. This chair is designed not only for collaboration, but for team based learning. It also can be used by either right or left hand students, which is a plus. This desk helps students keep engaged, and is flexible for those who fidget, like myself. There is plenty of storage underneath, making moving easier and faster. It adjusts to the individual as well, so that you are comfortable, no matter what your body shape is. What do you think? Would this help you be more engaged in a classroom setting?

For a video about Node and its application in a classroom, visit:

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