Saturday, February 12, 2011

Help Enhance Creative Thinking

I was looking up sustainable projects for my studio project, when I came across this product. It's called Idea Paint. What is so amazing on this product is that it is a water-based paint that is painted directly to the wall. For a commercial space, it's actually ASTM E-84 compliant and lasts around 3 years, which is actually longer than a standard dry erase board. It can even restore old dry-erase boards so you don't have to throw them out. What I am most impressed about is that they researched how their product was shipped and found out that it is better for the environment because it uses less materials to ship it (meaning less materials to recycle or throw in a landfill) and it uses less fuel because their product is light and small. They also state that "Many dry-erase surfaces contain formaldehyde, which slowly releases gas and diminishes indoor air quality for the life of the product. Idea Paint is formaldehyde-free, conforms to all U.S. EPA regulations (including California) and does not produce any harmful gas once it’s dry." I recommend going to their website as there are case studies as well as a CSI Guide Spec on their PRO paint, which is beneficial when selecting materials/finishes for a project. In the long run, this will help cut down the use of paper products because your clients will no longer have to rely on post-its and scrap paper. What's not to love about this product?

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  1. This is really great. I am doing a school for my project this semester and this would be really cool to use.

  2. I want to paint a wall in my bedroom with this paint so that I can draw and write all over it the crazy things in my head.