Saturday, February 19, 2011

The New 3-Form

For many of us, 3-form is the ultimate design product. It's lightweight, has an enormous selection, and is readily available. Although it is a great product, I for one am getting kind of tired of using this product for every project. I present to you a new product called Livinglass. What is so awesome about this product, besides being counted for LEED points, is that it is a glass product with unique fillers. For example, you can choose from a cork, bamboo, uniquely colored foils, starfish, pearls, geodes, sand dollars, flora and fauna, etc. This is such a fun product because you can bring the exteriors in and really transform a space.
It comes in 3 options:
  • Luxe – The original patented luxury line of Livinglass panels captures 3 dimensional materials between sheets of clear luminous glass.
  • Light – The beauty of Livinglass, now thinner, lighter and more budget friendly. Protect the environment and earn LEEDS credits with our 100% recycled resin and recycled glass.
  • Curves – Livinglass offers new design freedom with our luxurious Curves.
It comes in either recycled glass or resin. What's also unique about this product is that it's anti-microbial, fire resistant, moisture, UV, and chemical resistant, and can be used for anything, from flooring, to suspended ceilings, lighting, and even furniture. So the next time you are picking materials for a project, put down the 3-form and try Livinglass. You'll be glad you did!

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  1. Gotta love 3 Form. Thanks for updating me on what's new!